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Note: This page will continue to be updated in real-time as we get updates from Pastor and Vlad.

(photo is from Thursday afternoon, July 9)

Most Recent Update:

Thursday, July 9

**5:58pm From Pastor: Vlad just came out, SUCCESS!! No bleeding, catheter is out, lung will start sealing, she will survive!!! Hallelujah!!! Praise God!! Jehovah Rapha, the God that healeth thee!**

So exhausted but so encouraged!

**7:07pm Please take time to rejoice in God's goodness and thank Him for intervening in such a miraculous way!

Things to pray for now:

  1. Drainage tube from abdominal hematoma/abscess

  2. Diverter tube & bypass from intestines to continue to work while colon & kidneys recover

  3. Infection to be controlled!

  4. Collapsed lung to reinflate without damage

  5. Artery seal from both vascular surgeries

  6. Lose the water retention, very serious

  7. Gain much-needed nutrients to strengthen her body 

  8. Blood pressure to stabilize

  9. All incisions to heal rapidly

  10. Strength & safety for the long recovery process and the reversal surgeries that will be needed to remove the diverter tube & bypass**

Elena was able to write a short note to our church family before the transfer

Previous Updates:

Information from the very beginning can be found here, and is being continually updated with this page's previous posts.